NegotiateLife™ offers complete and on-demand solutions for contract management. We offer over 20 years of contract review, drafting and management experience in the service industry. Our honed contracting skills are provided to you on demand in order to help you achieve success.

Using our experience and proven methodologies, NegotiateLife™ can provide support in the following areas:

  • Contract review and analysis

Review and analysis of contracts in plain English. Our belief is that contracts are agreements which should be written for the people who have to read them. They should be clear, concise and easy to understand. We explain each clause in simple, easy to understand terms.

  • Contracts strategy planning

What strategy do you use in your contracts planning? Do you simply sign all your customers’ agreements with competing and confusing terms?  We work with you to determine an easy and simply process for your contracting strategy.

  • Contract management

Managing contracts can be tough when you don’t have a clear and simple contract management solution. We can help, by providing you with templates, checklists and alternate clause library for an easy management system.