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Your Negotiation Coach,

Irina Grishpul,

Have you been given a termination package and asked to sign it?

Were you told that the client agreement you’ve been given is “non-negotiable”?

Don’t you wish you could ask for something that you really wanted instead of just accepting what was put in front of you?

If you don’t know what to say or how to say it, you can tell them you have to think about it, and please contact me first.

So many great and competent people accepted terms which could have been easily negotiated. They just didn’t know how.

Negotiation Coaching offers you a tailored coaching approach specifically designed to help you exercise your negotiation power muscle and use practical tools to get what you want.

You’ll have stronger confidence and ways to ask for and get what you want. With science-backed techniques, you will be able to use your unique strengths to achieve higher than expected results in any negotiation.

How it Works

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You’ll notice that you will feel a lot more in control. Awareness of your negotiating strength super power will give you an opportunity to ask for more than you ever have before, with ease.

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