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Get What You Want.

Your Contracts and Negotiation Coach,

Irina Grishpul


When I started negotiating for a large corporation, I felt that I wasn’t very effective. I felt lost and I didn’t know how to stand up for myself. I wanted to change all of that, and I started to research and practice negotiating techniques.

Through training and hands-on practice with various clients, I learned a lot about negotiating and getting what I wanted.

After more than 20 years of contracts and negotiation experience, I realized that a lot of smart and capable people were sometimes not as good at negotiating for themselves when it comes to career, salary or business.

Because I have an infallible belief that each person has a unique approach to align their choices and actions, I studied at the Adler Coaching School in Toronto. I researched and practiced the most effective and scientifically tested techniques, and came up with a proven program to help each individual achieve their own success in negotiating.

I feel most alive when my clients negotiate and achieve greater success then they ever imagined for themselves.

I love working with smart, capable people, who find it hard to ask for what they want out of a new job offer, a new client agreement, promotion, or a severance package.

I provide a tailored approach for negotiating strategies through phone or remote internet conversations; because it is super easy and convenient for us to connect in these ways.

I’d like to have you sign up for a free mini coaching session to give us a chance to see if we can move mountains together. Let’s schedule a quick session to talk about what you’re struggling with right now. There is no obligation and the mini session is free!

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