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Legally binding contracts and agreements touch every area of your business and life. Too often, they are signed without much thought or understanding and become a problem to manage and keep up. These issues make it harder to work with your customers or partners and generate long cycle times and high costs to you and your business.


Contract Management is one of the things we do best

NegotiateLife transforms your contract management with easy to use and smarter processes and knowledge. We have expertise in legal contract concepts, systems and work processes.

Combining flexible solutions based on your need and availability, the breadth of NegotiateLife’s industry-leading knowledge and skill accelerates cycle times and drives operational efficiency.


Negotiation should be easy

You gain expertise and visibility needed to take advantage of negotiating techniques, best practices and you’ll be able to address issues with ease and confidence.

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What Our Clients Say

We work hard to ensure that our clients are happy.  Here’s what some of them say about our services…

“I didn’t know the first thing about the legal language in my contract. Thank goodness I consulted with NegotiateLife, before accepting overreaching terms with my client. With their help, I was able to understand what I was signing, and confidently negotiate away the terms that didn’t fit my business.”


“Going from full time employment to starting on my own, I didn’t have any contract templates to present to my clients. Thanks to NegotiateLife, I had professional looking contracts that covered my business.”


“I was ready to accept the package offered, as is. After consulting with NegotiateLife, I was able to increase my package to 3 times the original amount, without feeling overwhelmed with the negotiation. I would recommend NegotiateLife to anyone Who’s not satisfied with the bare minimum.”


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Latest News

Check out our latest news and insights to keep informed about latest contracts and negotiation trends, tools, tips, and other information.

Coronavirus Pandemic Tool Box

The stress of extreme unpredictability affects us whether we are preparing for negotiation or responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic. This stress creates overwhelming anxiety and panic for most people. For[…]

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March 16, 2020 0
LoL could Stand for Laugh Out Loud or Limitation of Liability in a Contract.

Limiting Liability

I was texting with my long-time friend when she replied to my (rather lame) joke, with “LOL”. Of course, in this instance, “LOL” means Laughing Out Loud – as to[…]

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October 9, 2019 0
Power Negotiating

Negotiation Power

Watch Adam Galinsky teach the tools for gaining negotiating power in asserting yourself and navigating tricky social situations.

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February 27, 2019 0


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